1) What are presets and what is Lightroom?

Presets are basically ‘filters’ available for Adobe Lightroom.


Adobe Lightroom is a professional image organization and coloring program for users all around the world. The program gives you unlimited possibilities for color corrections and other editing tools in the photo.

All presets are one-click presets and are compatible both on desktop and mobile. You  will only need to adjust exposure, contrast and saturation to your liking and or to match the settings of your camera.

Just like in any other art you will start developing your own look for your photos. If you are still not 100% sure how to tweak the settings, you can also find some great tutorials on Youtube.

You need to have Adobe Lightroom in order to use the Presets. Also double check if your computer has enough storage to let the program run correctly.

2) What do I need to use the Presets?

All Presets are compatible with the Adobe Lightroom App available on iTunes or Google Play. It’s a FREE App and does not require a monthly subscription. After a short set up, you’ll be able to switch between filters.

To apply the presets on your computer you will have to select an Adobe Lightroom subscription plan. Please familiarize yourself with the program before you purchase it.

3) Who are the presets for?

Presets are perfect for those who want to take their photography to a whole new level. It does not mean that you have to be a professional photographer to use them – but if you want to step up your photography and your instagram, I believe that it’s necessary to learn about the process and take advantage of tools like Lightroom.

4) How to install your presets?

You will get instructions for how to install the presets in your email. In case you might lose them at some point, you can also find detailed instructions in the link below:

For the DESKTOP installation you can find a guide here:


For the MOBILE installation you can find a guide here:


5) Are these the exact same presets you use for @xxx?

Yes, these are the exact same presets I created and mostly apply to most of the photos on my feed.

6) Do the presets always have the same effect?

There are many variables that have an effect on the look of your final edit and picture.

It is normally not done with only one single click – I also have to tweak almost every photo depending on what it needs even after matching the perfect preset.

With my presets you are purchasing the way I like my photos to look in general.

If you see the world slightly different, feel free to always adjust it to your own style as well.

7) How do I make the most out of the presets?

Make sure that you shoot your photos in RAW. Test as many presets as possible and if something is still not quiet right, start playing around with different adjustments such as exposure, saturation, temperature etc.

8) What is the return policy for the Presets?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. If you are not happy with the presets, you can send in a photo and I will help you to show how to make a nice edit out of it.

Since we cannot get the presets back, we, unfortunately, cannot issue refunds.

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